Jumat, 11 Mei 2012


Tanpa disadari ada sebuah resiko terbesar dari akun Justbeenpaid kita , Jika kita tidak tahu tentang hal ini yang menyebabkan ID kita di Justbeenpaid di banned dan didelete selamanya yang artinya semua modal kita bisa hilang , Member yang sering kena banned biasanya adalah member yang mempunyai lebih dari 1 ID JSS atau member yang tidak tahu tentang TOS dan RULE yang telah disampaikan oleh Justbeenpaid

Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

Perbedaan Free Member dan Upgrade Member

  1. Mendapat Profit 2% perhari dari jumlah posisi yg dibeli selama 75 hari (Total profit 150% selama 75 hari)
  2. Setiap membeli posisi langsung dengan kelipatan 4 ($40), maka 4 posisi yg dimiliki dapat 1 posisi matrik, Namanya matrix cycle, disini Anda akan mendapat $60 USD saat siklus (profit 150%). 
  3. Jadi Total Profit yang Anda dapatkan 300%, makanya dinamakan JSS-Tripler (Profit Menjadi 3 kali lipat)
  4. Bonus Referral dari Level 1 = 10%, Level 2 = 5% (setiap 1 posisi yang dibeli)
  5. Bonus Cycle dari level 1 = $5, dari Level 2 = $2.5  (setiap siklus menjadi cycle)


  1. Hanya mendapatkan profit 2% per hari dari jumlah posisi yang dibeli selama 75 hari (profit 150%)

 Upgrade member, anda akan mendapatkan 1 posisi matrix 2x2 di JBP senilai $60 (50 %)  untuk setiap 4 posisi JSS-Tripler anda yang matang (mature). 

Referal di level 1 anda membeli 1 posisi maka anda akan mendapatkan bonus $1, jika referal anda membeli 10 posisi, maka anda mendapatkan $10. Itu masih dari 1 referal saja, jika anda punya banyak referal maka bonus anda sebagai sponsor pasti akan lebih besar.

Minggu, 22 April 2012

The Perfect Halloween Mask

If messy makeup isn't your thing or you simply do not have the time or the artistic hand to apply it, a Halloween mask can be the next best option for you to complete your costume. And there are always plenty of options to choose from when you are shopping around.

Why a mask?

There are several reasons why you can consider a Halloween mask. For starters, they are a lot easier to take on and off than a face full of specialty paint. This means that you can easily go about your normal day and quickly don a mask for that after-work or after-school party. Masks can also be an inexpensive way to create a spectacular costume look. Depending on the mask you choose, you may need limited other accessories to complete your Halloween costume.

Creating your own look

Thanks to Halloween costume manufacturers you can find nearly any type of Halloween mask that you can think of. You can go with your traditional monster masks or something from the latest and greatest movies and TV shows that are out.

For instance, you could get a Napoleon Dynamite mask, complete with hair and glasses. Or, you can become your favorite Xman, Fantastic Four member, or other super hero. Movie characters can be a great way to coordinate a group of friends that are going trick-or-treating together or attending the same party.

If you want to stick to the creepy Halloween, you can look for Halloween masks in some of the traditional Halloween spooks. For instance, you could go as Freddy Krueger or Chucky or even the Wolfman. Some masks will even have realistic hair to help complete the look.

 If you like the lighter side of Halloween, consider a comedy horror character like a member of the Addam's Family or Herman Munster. Kids might enjoy going as their favorite "monster" from Sesame Street or a character from one of their favorite kid's shows.

Consider a "Masktume"

Another option for costume seekers is to go with a "masktume." Basically, this is half mask and half costume. A hand sculpted and painted mask is attached directly to the costume, allowing for the creation of a wide variety of monsters, ghouls, and other Halloween characters. They are definitely something different for the party goer that wants to stand out among more traditional costumes.

Getting the perfect fit

Keep in mind that for your own safety, you want to make sure that your Halloween mask fits properly. Make sure that you have full vision while the mask is on and that it doesn't slip down when you move about. You also should be able to breathe comfortably while you are wearing it.

If you want a costume idea that is easy, or even one that is different than everyone else's, going with a Halloween mask can help you complete the look that you want. Remember to shop early in order to find your perfect mask before they run out!

Selasa, 10 April 2012

Internet Security: The Secure Free Option

This high speed revolution has increased the swiftness of accessibility for unscrupulous hackers to upload private information quickly and easily, through your home internet connection.

With the threat of viruses, identity fraud, phishing, spyware and keyloggers, never has it been more important to protect the valuable contents of your home computer.

There are many types of internet security software out there, which offer varying ranges of performance when it comes to security. The most popular software requires the computer owner to purchase a license and download the software over the internet or buy the software from a reputable computer outlet for a set fee which includes 12 months of free updates, with a view to paying a further fee every 12 months to keep this update service going, this for some computer owners can be a slightly expensive encounter and can put owners off placing that all important security software on their home computer.

Is there a FREE and secure alternative? The answer I'm happy to say is yes.

Home internet security comes in four main categ
ories of protection, Spyware Protection, Anti-Virus Protection, Firewall Protection and Windows Updates.

Spyware Protection

Spybot found at www.spybot.info is an excellent free spyware removal tool which helps clear your system of any threats from Adware, Keyloggers, Malware etc, the program is very easy to use and updates can be downloaded for free and are updated on a regular basis to help make sure you are protected.

 Anti-virus Protection

Avast! Anti-virus found at www.avast.com is a more than adequate anti-virus protection, registration is absolutely free for home and small business users and just requires the user to register once every twelve months, which is a very small burden especially when you can download virus definitions and program updates totally free.

Firewall Protection

Sygate Personal Firewall found at www.sygate.com is again a totally free for home and small business users personal firewall, the setup of the program is very user friendly and can easily be setup by someone with little computer knowledge. The protection is highly suitable and very secure.

Windows Update

All computer users should make it their fortnightly chore to visit the Windows update service and download the latest security patches, these are most important to cover any floors which have been discovered in Microsoft applications. You can also switch the update to automatic, so when important downloads are available windows will download them using low bandwidth, so not to disturb your internet browsing.


Internet security is a high priority for all computer users, and whether this service is paid for or users wish to take advantage of the three excellent and secure software programs above for free, that is completely up to the individual. Some sort of internet security is better than none at all.